Jan 17, 2008

if you've been taged by me.. see rules here ..

Anita tagged me so here goes.
Answer all the questions and then add one yourself at the bottom, then tag some people.

1. Name your 2 favorite scrapbooking topics: My family, and the beach

2. What are the 2 best places you've been to? gonna say the beach and a grand adventure i have yet done!! (but have plans to hehehehe)

3. Name 2 things you do every day: Go online, and talk on the phone

4. Tell us 2 things that pretty much everyone knows about you: I'm a momma, and i scrap book

5. 2 places you wish to visit: well i'd love to go on a cross country road trip and just see all the sites along the way

6. 2 things you may not know about me are: I'm a huge dreamer and i write poetry

7. 2 nicknames you've had at some time in your life: Hummm wellll....... you asked... I'm known well in my scrapping world as "The Hooch" hahah long story but yes many know me by that nic nam, really the name doesnt say much to my persnality but it seem to fit somehow HAHah.
and a couple others are; McGee mostly i was called that as a child, only people who knew as a young kid still call me that. and honey,

8. Name 2 of your favorite drinks: tea. and water

9. Janet's question: What are 2 interesting (in a good or bad way) jobs you’ve had in your life? I worked in a bead store and taught bead classes a ver fun job.. and i was a manager of apartment complexs we lived at for about 8 years. also a job i liked.

10. Cheri's question: Name 2 resolutions you've either already broken or 2 that you've kept so far. I try not to make any, not my thing seems i could just set my mind to anything and make it happen no matter the time of year.

11. Jen's question: If you could be any age you wanted to be what would it be? I'd say 33 ... i loved being 33 and plus i have a starnge love for the number "3"

12. Melanie's question: What is your favorite holiday and why? I'm goin with christmas, i enjoy winter and i love the smiles happy children.

anita's question: If you could go back and relive one day of your life, what day would it be? hummmm..... not sure i'd want any do over's but i'd love to live a day not yet lived ... one i only dream of.

Anna's question: do you perfer a sunset or a sunrise and why? I love a sunrise it always remineds me of a new start and a fresh begining of some thing brand new.