Oct 29, 2007

Rocker Chick

My teen the music diva of the house altho i think she gets it from me alittle (minus the fact i can't hold a tune at all) HHAHA.
She can play the Bass like a rock star no joke she is really good. i love it when she plays. she has a music gift.

This one MADE IT

This layout MADE it into the Basic Grey art gallery I had been trying forever to get one of mine in there and I made it..All products are BG and the pic is my middle child she really is a special soul and i loved this pic of her taken this summer, it shows something i think not offten captured in a pic.
I was excited and thought i'd share> hope all your scrppy dreams come true! LOL

I thouhgt I'd share

I haven't scrapped in sometime i thought i'd share some pic's that i plan to do soon many are older and in need of getting done and into an Album.~ forigve the poor scans LOL
starting with the bottom pic:
* that is my dh and i many years ago only days before i had our first child, One of my fav moments to remember.
* My dd so cute and sweet eatting hummus
*next one me and my dd it was a joy to be a mom in that moment and i have few pic's of her and i together.
* who can resist thoes cheeks!
*the one of my and my middle child, i just love that pic. my middle child bring much joy she's alot like me.
* and the top one not the best pic i was pertty sick that hoilday and the pic a bit washed out but its still one i enjoy so i think it should have a place in the Album anyway.

Oct 23, 2007

wow time flies

where has all the days gone?. seems like just yesterday was the first day of school and now its almost halloween and soon the christmas holiday will be here.. are you ready? are you looking forward to it. Well i do love the holidays but nope not ready ,not even close to it.