Feb 26, 2007

Free Spirit

Well this was done for a sketch challenge at Split coast and also for the color challenge Hosted by Kimber at HTH creations http://hth-creations.com/home (see message boards for challenges if your interested in playing ends March 15th we'd love to have you join in)
I find working with the color yellow most challenging for me.. I'm sure you have a color you least like to work with also.. well not only was the yellow in this hard for me but I hate my hand writing, I wished now I hadn't done it.. but I'm callin' this one done. and leaving it as is.. The only thing I like about this layout is the Bohemia rub-on HAHAHAH . The paper is Basic grey "urban couture" line, it's a hard line to work with I think, the print is cool, but a bit wild for me.. This layout for sure pushed me outside my comfort zone.. and we all need that once in awhile.
So happy scrappin'

Feb 25, 2007

Sunday and already the end of Feb.?????

Well I say slow DOWN!!
The year is flying by, I can't believe it's already the end of Feb. Awwww but then that means spring is near and with the weird weather all over, we'll be glad it's coming.
Okay well I decided I would not set any scrappy goals this year, other than I'd like to use more of my stamps in my Lo's.. Well Not setting any goals sure has paid off for me so far, In Jan. I scraped 26 layouts and over 36 cards (of course many of the cards were the same design ..but hay) and as of today for Feb. I've scrapped 12 layout's .. I guess not have a goal has set me FREE hahahahahah, I've been rideing the the "feelin' it" wave, scrapping only what truly inspires me, Well it kinda puts me all over the place as to what I'm scraping, BUT I have been very pleased with my work lately, witch is not the case most of the time. My last Layout witch was titled "she was an artist and her life was her canvas" really put me in touch with the artist in me.. So I think I'm on to something here and gonna see how far I can take it..
hope you find a good scrappin' wave to ride too. HAHAHa

Feb 24, 2007

OMG I just got a pm and I WON the sketch challenge with this Layout!!!!! So excited this is the first time in all the time I have played challenges that I have won anything...
this sketch was from bloger "pencil lines" and the challenge was posted on splitcoast stampers I can't wait to see what RAK I will recive. I'll let ya know..

She was an artist and her life was her canvas

This page was inspired by the quote, (Seen it at a scrap site as a challenge) "she was an artist and her life was her canvas" The poem i wrote

Spin Me

okay this layout if a full lift from creating Keepsakes magazine Jan issue page 121 and I must say I love the way mine came out anyone who has this magazine feel free to see the original mine is very close to the same..the doodling (stitching) i did by hand!! I free handed it with a pencil, then pierced small holes along the doodling ( stitching) with my poky thing and then drew on the black stitching and boy did it take me a long time HA -the designer in CK is April Peterson.