Dec 11, 2007

And more

here are a couple more so that you can really see that my Zoo is wild.

Here is my gang

this was the best pic i could get them to take for me this holiday.. yes aren't they lovely.. don't you wish they were Yours HAHAHAHHA...

Nov 16, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

wow the time flies when your having to much fun! Thanksgiving only days away.. I wish everyone lots of love and happiness.. i will be taking a bit of time off for the Holiday's, but plan to hit it hard after the new year. Hope you do too. Come join me at HTH or scrapperdomain, I also hang alot at scrapbook doodle they have a great site. All link should be in my side bar ... I would love to see your hoilday layouts
best wishes all

Oct 29, 2007

Rocker Chick

My teen the music diva of the house altho i think she gets it from me alittle (minus the fact i can't hold a tune at all) HHAHA.
She can play the Bass like a rock star no joke she is really good. i love it when she plays. she has a music gift.

This one MADE IT

This layout MADE it into the Basic Grey art gallery I had been trying forever to get one of mine in there and I made it..All products are BG and the pic is my middle child she really is a special soul and i loved this pic of her taken this summer, it shows something i think not offten captured in a pic.
I was excited and thought i'd share> hope all your scrppy dreams come true! LOL

I thouhgt I'd share

I haven't scrapped in sometime i thought i'd share some pic's that i plan to do soon many are older and in need of getting done and into an Album.~ forigve the poor scans LOL
starting with the bottom pic:
* that is my dh and i many years ago only days before i had our first child, One of my fav moments to remember.
* My dd so cute and sweet eatting hummus
*next one me and my dd it was a joy to be a mom in that moment and i have few pic's of her and i together.
* who can resist thoes cheeks!
*the one of my and my middle child, i just love that pic. my middle child bring much joy she's alot like me.
* and the top one not the best pic i was pertty sick that hoilday and the pic a bit washed out but its still one i enjoy so i think it should have a place in the Album anyway.

Oct 23, 2007

wow time flies

where has all the days gone?. seems like just yesterday was the first day of school and now its almost halloween and soon the christmas holiday will be here.. are you ready? are you looking forward to it. Well i do love the holidays but nope not ready ,not even close to it.

Sep 20, 2007

The simple things

Just a Layout i did about the reasons i have to smile.

Sep 13, 2007

We made it through

we made it through the first week of school. The kids seem tired this week, my middle kid is not only has school but a pretty heavy soccer schedule too. My Teen .. is amazingly breezing through as if school is no sweat, she may even pick up a freshmen student to tutor. I've been working as much as I can and scraping every free min. I have.
At HTH we are doing a weight loss challenge album and I'm loving it so far very inspiring and the group; of gals playing really keep the flow going. come by and check us out.

Aug 20, 2007

Soccer Starts Again

Today is the first day of soccer for my dd and to make sure fall socccer got off on the right foot it's pouring down rain hahahaa.. well she'll be wet and mudy after this day. Last soccer season my dd team rocked the house with all wins but a couple. here is the LO i made for her last time.

Aug 18, 2007

Just thought i'd share what i've been playing with lately .. come by HTH on Sept.1st and Sept.2end and join up for a mini crop 8-10 central. challenge, games, chats , fun and prizes!

Jul 19, 2007

Pool Play

more of what i've been up to. This was for a challenge at "scrapdoodle" where I am a Guest Design team member this month (yippy) .. come by and see me there!! or find me at HTH!! thanks for looking (link to both sites are in my side bar)

Summer Party

Just doing some fun summer Layouts.. come by HTH and check out our new fun challengs and win some prizes!! link is in my side bar !! hope to see ya there


has it really been this long since i updated my blog here?? MAN summer is a busy time. The weather has been super hot and we have spent most of it out side enjoying !!

Jun 26, 2007

I went to the farm yesterday and took the kids they had lots of fun!.
I ened up getting a flat of strawberries then comming home and makeing 22 jars of strawberry jam I still have strawberries left I put in the freezer. Last year I made 28 jars of jam but I use some bigger jars this time, anyway it was lot of work but fun and the kids loved it on toast this Am.
I also got up and baked banana bread this morning before my dh took the kids to the beach. yup he took all three of the kids to the beach for the day and I'm home alone! how luck could I get! plan to play on the computer and scrap! whooo hooo!

1)Name one person who made you smile today? My 3 year old son he's good at that

2)What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? bakeing banana bread before it gets to hot to use the oven

3)What were you doing 30 minutes ago? helping my dh get the kids together so he could take them to the beach, i have the whole day to myself!

4)What is something that happened to you in 1998? My dh got a awsome job and we moved about 2 hours away from our home town, and I became the manager of the condo's we live at.

5)What is the last thing you said aloud? drive safe and put more sunscreen on Boo (my dh was leaveing with the kids to the beach and "Boo" is my son nick name)

6)How many different things have you drank today? two...cranberry jucie and water

7)What color is your hair brush? white and gray

8)What was the last thing you bought? Lemon jucie, yesterday i was canning strawberry jam and ran out of lemon jucie

9)What was the last gift you received? some scrappy supplies from my friend Rhonda at HTH soccer paper and i love it

10)What color is your front door? white

11)Where do you keep cell phone? my purse

12)What was the weather like today? sunny and hot

13)What is the best ice cream flavor? Udderly chocolate

14)What are you excited about? having the whole day to myself today my dh took the kids to the beach YES!!

15)Do you talk a lot? sometimes,depends on who you ask heheheh

16)Name a weird food you like? pudding and fresh banana's, toast with mushrooms slices on it

17)Cold or hot? cold... I love the cold!!!

18)What's your favorite thing to do? scrapbooking and hang out on the computer and talk on the phone it's hard to say witch one i love most.

19)Do you want to cut your hair? i just did a couple weeks ago

20: Are you over the age of 25? yah about 10 years

21)Are you ticklish? yes

22)Are you typically a jealous person? I will say not really but then again i have been so kinda..

23)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "L" : Linda... i love this lady like my mamma

24)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A": Angela my friend since 7th grade

25)Do you chew on your straws? yes

26)Do you have curly hair? nope, slightly wavy

27)What is the next concert you're going to? i have no plans to go to one but if i do it will be some thing local at the park more than likely

28)Who is the crappiest person in your life? I plead the 5th, for if i were to say i'd be in deeper eheheh

29)What is your favorite color? man i like them all but I would say wine red as a top fav.

30)What is something you say a lot? i tend to call every one "darlin' and i say "sweet" alot

31)What's your room like? <strong>my scrappy room??? "A mess" my bed room boring sad i know

32)What was the last movie you saw? Underworld, god that movie is hot... heheh

33)Do you have work tomorrow? nope my day off and it's my 16th wedding anniv. and sadly nothing is planed .. i wonder if he'll even remember

34)What's your dream job? to own a crafts and gifts shop

35)When was the last time you said "I love you"? this morning as my dh and kids headed out for the beach

36)What should you be doing right now? whatever i want, i'm free for the day!!!

37)Do you have a nickname? not really my dh calls me honey and my kids call me mom hahahhaaa and well for the other nick name i got ...well all my scrappy ladies that know me well enough .... already know who i am..(wink)

38)Are you a heavy sleeper? no, not at all...

39)When is the last time you did the dishes, honestly? yesterday i made stawberry jam so i had a mess

40)What are your pet peeves? when someone doesn't put toilet paper on the roll and sets it next to the toilet, and when my kids leave the radio on when they are at school, i'm pertty easy i'd say...

Jun 24, 2007

Summer Fun

Dad and the kids.........

Here is what we did on fathers day, spent the day at the beach in the sun it was a windy but an Awsome day! Of course I got a sun burn pertty bad as always. The dh and kids worked on building this dift wood shelter and making sandcasles!. Hope you are enjoying the sun.

Life has been a Busy one

Well School is finely out and summer has begun!
I started my new job last week and I love it so far I only work 3 days a week, I'm now the Assistant district manager for our local new paper, the hours are short but early in the am and the pay is good what more could I ask for? HA well that's not all, my Dh also got a new job, and on top of that I was honored with the Guest Design team Spot at Scrapdoodle for July! Things are busy but I wouldn't want it any other way!
We have some New and Awsome challenges at HTH so come on by and play with us there! and don't forget to come see me at Scrapdoodle also! My 2 most favorite hang out places with tons of fun and lots of good people! (links to both HTH and scrapdoodle are on my side bar.)hope to see ya soon.

Jun 10, 2007


I struggle with Christmas layouts, not sure what this layout it missing but something is.
Anyway I running a challenge at HTH from June 10t to July 10 come join us there and have some fun.
OH if you have any tips to help me on my Christmas themed layouts I would totally love to here them.

Simply Amazing

here is another stab at me trying to simplify my work. I am pretty happy with this one. I had to take picture of it tho. it just wasn't scanning well.. thanks for looking. love to here any comments you have.

Jun 9, 2007


I've been really working hard on simplifying my layouts, I'd like MORE simple and WOW in my work, I want it to be about the pictures and the feel. I think for awail there I was getting to hung up on over embellishing and it was becomeing more about the "STUFF" than the pictures and memories. So I'm focusing on that more and getting there I think.. what do you think?
thanks for looking and would love the any comments
Oh and I'm looking for a sweet poem to add where the journaling should be but I haven't found one that fits yet.

Silly Banana Business

Based from a sketch, and done for a recipe challenge, this is my take on it all! It was a really fun layout to make and of course my son this my most favorite topic to scrap.. thanks for looking

Jun 2, 2007


Sorry it's been a wail since I updated here, but the end of school is near and life is Full. The newest most exciting thing in my life is my Cricut Expression machine arrived at my door yesterday and WOW this the cutting machine of all time.. it's all that and more.. This baby will cut chipboard, cut as small as 1/4 and as big as 24 inches, it will cut to fill your page, yep if I want to cut multi images I just select the image and size then push the "fill page" button and it will cut as many as will fit on the page AND it figures out how many to cut all by it's self, now that is one really awsome feature. The 12x24 mat size is also pretty cool, you can put two sheets of 12x12 paper on that mat and it will cut it as a two page layout witch will come in handy. I can have one half of an image on one side and the other half of the image on the other and since it cut it side by side it will match up perfect. Not to mention the cool scalloped cuts it can do and the tags, bags, and boxes cartridge will be super fun on the Expression machine. I can make a gift bags or boxes in just about any size now. So what all this really means I think, is I will in the long run save so much money on embellishments that it will pay for itself over and over again.
I am already totally smitten with it .. it doesn't talk back or leave the toilet seat up, and it always please me what more can a girl ask for ??

May 22, 2007

green market Monster

This Layout was inspired by one saved in my fav's and Also because i got my first set of foam stamps and wanted to use them, it was fun to try out something new.

Home is where the dog is

I made this for a friend.. I don't have a dog so i jumped at the chance to scrap her baby.. I hope she like it..

May 17, 2007

A Royal 9 Party

I have seen this sytle offten, the large circle with scallop edge but this is my first time doing it, i had a blast with this layout.

May 14, 2007

Flower Fariy

This was inspired by a challenge to make a layout about something other than people. well this little fariy lives in my planter box, the kids replant it every year. She my look old and weathered but she seems to have a little spirit about her?

Baby Beauty

This layout was a redo. from some old pic's of my oldest dd I used my photoshop to play with the pictures and it was all about useing my new stamps. I splurged and got the new Fancy pants stamps and WOW they are Awsome, worth the pretty penny I paid. thanks for looking

May 10, 2007

Dream Together

This is a simple one for me but the simplicity really has a big statement .. sometime in scrapping less is more.. and not every layout has to be "packed" with stuff.. keep that in mind and let the pictures tell the story.. what do you think?

May 6, 2007

May you always walk in the sunshine

This layout was the most fun layout I have done is a long time. The WOW about it for me is I hand stamped and hand cut every single flower. I layered them with pop dots, inked the edges and used a white uniball to add depth and life to them.. I am sooooo lovin' this stamp set, I can't wait to make more in many diffrent colors

I scarpped my way through the Day

Hay everyone I hope you all had fun scrapping on NSBD !! I was soo pooped out from the scraping I did, but boy was it a blast!! The canvas class fun. I can't wait to see all the wonderful canvas made!! If you missed no worry come on by HTH and check out our class forum! and don't miss checking out gallery our we have tons of Awsome Stuff in there!

Apr 26, 2007

Scrapping On Canvas

May 5th a huge scrapping day in our world. We are celeabrating at HTH with some challenges and some Awsome classes all day fun, friends, great ideas, lots of laughs AND of course some prizes!!! Don't miss out come join us. The class I will be doing is "Canvas scrapping".So hurry and sign up for the class and see what else we have planed for that day. (The link to HTH is in the side bar,under "my favortie sites")

Enjoy and happy scrapping

Teen Extreme

I'm so in love with the new junkitz boy extreme papers. I recived it as part of DT kit at HTH and I ended up ordering 3 sheet each and some extra embellishemnts. This layout I did was for my teen girl .. i think the papers are versital even tho they were disigned for boys. I recomend you get some for those "edgey Fun" layouts

Apr 11, 2007

What inspires you??

I wanted to share a bit about the way I scrap. I only scrap what pictures inspires me "in the moment" I don't worry about trying to finish an album or to scrap in chronology order, I just do what inspires me and what I feel. WHY?? well I have found when I do what inspires me my layouts come out way better, with feeling and depth in them. Of course it puts me all over the place when I scrap, so albums take a lot longer to complete, but I think for me it's worth it for the quality I get when I'm scraping. I scrap for the fun of doing it, as a hobby anyway I'm not doing it just to get it done.
I see each layout as one of a kind, a work of art, a master piece as an individual layout, not really part of an album story but more as; each layout has it's own story. So when I put them together in an album they are not in any kind of order other than by age Such as: my son has an album from birth to one year old, then starts an album for him at age two and so on. For my older children I have had to combin ages since I didn't have enough picture to fill an album for them at each age. In each album the layouts don't have an order it may start with a Halloween layouts and end with and Easter layouts, I put them in the albums as I scrap them for me this works. I wasn't always like this I have only been doing this way in the last year and a half, the reason I started is I wanted to improve my scraping skill and style and wanted more "WOW" layouts.
So if you feel you want to improve your skill or style or your are starting to feel a bit board with scrapping, I suggest putting aside your hang up to scrap in "order" and flip through the photo's you have and scrap what strikes you in the moment. You just might be surprised!!

Apr 10, 2007


I did a easter layout already!!!!!!

page 2 right side

Theme Challenge

Here is my sample for my monthly challenge at HTH. It runs from April 10th to May 10th. The challenge is to do a layout using card stock only ( no Pattern paper ) and the twist is you have to use 3 or more colors more detail at HTH. I had all these pic's from Halloween so i used a sketch for my sample as well. Hope you'll come to HTH an Join US in the FUN! (the link to the site is on the side bar of my blog)

Mar 18, 2007

Beautiful girl

I did this for a Sketch challenge at Split coast.. here is the sketch;
thought my layout turned out very spring like... I could Finlay use those fancy pants chipboard scrolls I got at HTH YIPPY!! and of course my favorite 3 bugs in a rug pattern paper!

Mar 16, 2007

scrappy atmosphere

Check out the MESS!!! Yup I scrapped only 3 layouts and this is what the clean desk now looks like...crazy!!

SO tell me what is your scrappy atmosphere like?? what surrounds you and puts you in your groove?

well what mostly surrounds me is MESS, but it doesn't put in the groove!! In fact I tend to get less done when i have a huge mess. But if it's all clean and everything is put away. I can't wait to scrap, it's like i can hear it all calling me to come out a play!! Just dieing to make a mess HAHHAHAHHAH

Mar 15, 2007

Fried Cheerios

This is the first time I tried my hand at the new scalloped edge card stock, it was fun to use. I did it for my BOM. A challenge Sharon is running at HTH; a childhood food. I thought it was a fun topic and fried cheerios were defiantly a fun and original food from my childhood. we didn't have a lot of money as a kid and cheerios came in the free food boxes, my mom would make them often in place of popcorn , now as an adult I make then for my kids just as a treat and for the fun of having them. They love them!

Mar 13, 2007

This Layout was inspired by Anita's challenge at HTH, in honor of St. patty's day to use the word "Lucky" on a layout ...
Paper is; my minds eyes, BG color me silly and the the rub-on word is lil' Davis rockstar rub-on's
Have a Wonder St.Patrick's Day

Mar 8, 2007

card of the day

I was in the mood to stamp, and this is what I came up with. It reminds me of spring. the color combo is one of my favorites, burgundy, blush, and soft pink. I'm so lovin' my oval punches too !!!
Have a happy day

Mar 4, 2007

I saw this card made by "copmonkeys" on Split coast and it made my day, I just has to lift it. The Cars move is my 3 year old son's favorite movie . I hope you all get a good laugh from it too.

Mar 1, 2007

A New Month

Finely Spring is in 20 days!!!!. I can tell as the flowers are poking up, the air is crisp and the mornings brighter earlier. I've had a slow scrapping week and hope to get into it over the weekend. I got a few new stamps and some new supplies so that will help. I even printed some pic's so I'm one step closer.

Feb 26, 2007

Free Spirit

Well this was done for a sketch challenge at Split coast and also for the color challenge Hosted by Kimber at HTH creations (see message boards for challenges if your interested in playing ends March 15th we'd love to have you join in)
I find working with the color yellow most challenging for me.. I'm sure you have a color you least like to work with also.. well not only was the yellow in this hard for me but I hate my hand writing, I wished now I hadn't done it.. but I'm callin' this one done. and leaving it as is.. The only thing I like about this layout is the Bohemia rub-on HAHAHAH . The paper is Basic grey "urban couture" line, it's a hard line to work with I think, the print is cool, but a bit wild for me.. This layout for sure pushed me outside my comfort zone.. and we all need that once in awhile.
So happy scrappin'

Feb 25, 2007

Sunday and already the end of Feb.?????

Well I say slow DOWN!!
The year is flying by, I can't believe it's already the end of Feb. Awwww but then that means spring is near and with the weird weather all over, we'll be glad it's coming.
Okay well I decided I would not set any scrappy goals this year, other than I'd like to use more of my stamps in my Lo's.. Well Not setting any goals sure has paid off for me so far, In Jan. I scraped 26 layouts and over 36 cards (of course many of the cards were the same design ..but hay) and as of today for Feb. I've scrapped 12 layout's .. I guess not have a goal has set me FREE hahahahahah, I've been rideing the the "feelin' it" wave, scrapping only what truly inspires me, Well it kinda puts me all over the place as to what I'm scraping, BUT I have been very pleased with my work lately, witch is not the case most of the time. My last Layout witch was titled "she was an artist and her life was her canvas" really put me in touch with the artist in me.. So I think I'm on to something here and gonna see how far I can take it..
hope you find a good scrappin' wave to ride too. HAHAHa

Feb 24, 2007

OMG I just got a pm and I WON the sketch challenge with this Layout!!!!! So excited this is the first time in all the time I have played challenges that I have won anything...
this sketch was from bloger "pencil lines" and the challenge was posted on splitcoast stampers I can't wait to see what RAK I will recive. I'll let ya know..

She was an artist and her life was her canvas

This page was inspired by the quote, (Seen it at a scrap site as a challenge) "she was an artist and her life was her canvas" The poem i wrote

Spin Me

okay this layout if a full lift from creating Keepsakes magazine Jan issue page 121 and I must say I love the way mine came out anyone who has this magazine feel free to see the original mine is very close to the same..the doodling (stitching) i did by hand!! I free handed it with a pencil, then pierced small holes along the doodling ( stitching) with my poky thing and then drew on the black stitching and boy did it take me a long time HA -the designer in CK is April Peterson.