Apr 11, 2007

What inspires you??

I wanted to share a bit about the way I scrap. I only scrap what pictures inspires me "in the moment" I don't worry about trying to finish an album or to scrap in chronology order, I just do what inspires me and what I feel. WHY?? well I have found when I do what inspires me my layouts come out way better, with feeling and depth in them. Of course it puts me all over the place when I scrap, so albums take a lot longer to complete, but I think for me it's worth it for the quality I get when I'm scraping. I scrap for the fun of doing it, as a hobby anyway I'm not doing it just to get it done.
I see each layout as one of a kind, a work of art, a master piece as an individual layout, not really part of an album story but more as; each layout has it's own story. So when I put them together in an album they are not in any kind of order other than by age Such as: my son has an album from birth to one year old, then starts an album for him at age two and so on. For my older children I have had to combin ages since I didn't have enough picture to fill an album for them at each age. In each album the layouts don't have an order it may start with a Halloween layouts and end with and Easter layouts, I put them in the albums as I scrap them for me this works. I wasn't always like this I have only been doing this way in the last year and a half, the reason I started is I wanted to improve my scraping skill and style and wanted more "WOW" layouts.
So if you feel you want to improve your skill or style or your are starting to feel a bit board with scrapping, I suggest putting aside your hang up to scrap in "order" and flip through the photo's you have and scrap what strikes you in the moment. You just might be surprised!!

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