Oct 29, 2007

I thouhgt I'd share

I haven't scrapped in sometime i thought i'd share some pic's that i plan to do soon many are older and in need of getting done and into an Album.~ forigve the poor scans LOL
starting with the bottom pic:
* that is my dh and i many years ago only days before i had our first child, One of my fav moments to remember.
* My dd so cute and sweet eatting hummus
*next one me and my dd it was a joy to be a mom in that moment and i have few pic's of her and i together.
* who can resist thoes cheeks!
*the one of my and my middle child, i just love that pic. my middle child bring much joy she's alot like me.
* and the top one not the best pic i was pertty sick that hoilday and the pic a bit washed out but its still one i enjoy so i think it should have a place in the Album anyway.

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